Peace Runners 773 is on a big movement mission on the Westside.

Free workouts and runs tailored for beginner and advanced, are energizing this underserved community hungry for activities that advocate whole body fitness and togetherness!

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From the Couch to 5K program to marathon hopefuls, Peace Runners 773 is tackling real community issues, such as obesity, low life expectancy and mental health in real time— getting real results. Garfield Park is an inspiring backdrop for individual transformation in a collective “family style” atmosphere where no one is left out. Young at Hearts, the group’s older participants can be seen walking, while the more advanced members run through the neighborhood. Everyone meets for a group activity afterward. We share goals, insights and ideas, and we celebrate accomplishments—together. #BigSteppaWednesday is an online check-in and a fun vehicle for health accountability in the middle of the week when spirit might need a push! Providing this resource is an act of love and what drives us forward. If you see us out there, throw a peace sign up. Better yet, JOIN US!

In 2022 Peace Runners has ran 4,092 miles & counting, in underserved Westside communities. 

4,092+ miles

Gold Dome
100 N Central Park Ave
Chicago, Il 60624

You can find Peace Runners 773 every Saturday at 9:30am for a 2 mile fun run and a HIIT workout at 10:15am

I loved being around so many kind and like-minded people. It awakened in me the person that wanted to run years ago but did not have anyone to run with.

Mattie B.

"I have always loved being outside and could not find like-minded individuals with the same desire. After undergoing treatment for breast cancer twice and approaching my 60th birthday, I decided not to wait any longer and started walking, but I was not consistent. I ran across mom Hoffman whom I have known casually for over thirty years. I started walking with her, and she invited me to come on Saturdays and walk with the group.

When Peace Runners put together the couch to 5k program, I was excited and could not wait. At the beginning of training, I wasn’t sure I could do it after running for just one minute and being exhausted. The thought of running a 5k seemed impossible. But the 5k coaches were encouraging and never let me give up. With the increase in running time each week, I got better. 

On the day of the Juneteenth 5k, I was nervous until I saw the trainer waiting for me at the starting line. She ran very slowly with me and motivated me along the way. She encouraged me not to stop when I thought I could not go any further.

It is because of her and the Peace Runners community that I was able to run my first 5k. I am getting better at running and am looking forward to the next challenge."

Jackie Hoffman, born and raised on the westside of Chicago, was no stranger to poverty and lack of resources. Jackie’s direct impact and big heart motivated him to provide free and affordable health and wellness to his community. 


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