Welcome to our Westside neighborhood.

Come and join our family. Have a fun, safe, and memorable experience while sharing sweat, stories, and love. We welcome all ages and levels of fitness.

Gold Dome
100 N Central Park Ave
Chicago, Il 60624

You can find Peace Runners 773 every Saturday at 9:30am for a 2 mile fun run and a HIIT workout at 10:15am

couch to 5k

This program is for beginners who’ve never run and with little to no involvement in fitness. The Couch to 5K program is an 8-week program preparing individuals mentally and physically to develop a running strategy that works for them. The Couch to 5K teaches breathing techniques, mile pace, cadence, and proper form. Upon completion individuals will showcase what they’ve learned at the Peace Runners annual Juneteenth 5K. Where individuals will receive a certificate and medal upon completion of not only the program but the 5K as well. 

Young at Hearts

Is a senior citizen (60 and up) health and wellness program. The program caters towards our older often forgotten individuals to get them out and moving. Programming consists of a one mile walk and cardio tailored to their needs.

We Run Too

This program will introduce running to youth and help them gain the knowledge and tools to complete the distance of a 2-mile run. While also instilling life skills and the importance of physical, mental, and social health. We Run Too will act as mentorship and a jump start program to youths’ fitness journey.

Saturday Community Workouts

More than 20 people weekly from across Chicago’s west side come together at the Golden Dome for an hour of cardio and strength training. These workouts are led by Jackie Hoffman (former professional athlete), Dominique Clay (Illinois State champion in track and field and former Division 1 track athlete and RRCA Certified coach), and LaVelle Riley (certified personal trainer and former collegiate athlete). All workouts are tailored to meet the diverse physical needs of those participating. This weekly workout is known for its welcoming, familial and encouraging environment.

Big Steppa Wednesday

Virtual workout accountability post to inspire and motivate the movement, of movement on all social media platforms. This is done by posting a selfie or video of yourself walking, running or working out with hashtag #BIGSTEPPAWEDNESDAY and tagging @Peace_Runners773.

Our Programming

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frequently asked questions

Do we have to run?

No, running is optional! We also have a 1 mile walk and HIIT workout available as well.

What if I never ran before?

You’re at the right place, we will meet you where you’re at. 

What’s a HIIT workout? 

It is a fun and interactive High intensity interval training, with modified movements put together by our certified personal trainer.